Lean Practitioner

This Lean training is ideal for professionals who want to learn to conduct improvement projects with fast implementation times. This training covers the Lean Management principles and deals intensively with Kaizen and Toyota Kata. Lean is all about daily improvement and during your training you will receive the tools to achieve this.

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    Lean Professionals

    Do you have the ambition to make an organisation excel? The Lean Practitioner course is the course for Continuous Improvement professionals who wish to learn how to improve processes by using the Lean methods and tools. 

    “When you focus on costs, quality decreases. When you focus on quality, costs decrease.” 

    The Lean practitioner is the initiator of Lean improvement processes and Lean implementation. A hands -on professional with just one goal: to develop the perfect process and inspire those involved to do better on a daily basis. The Lean Practitioner has an excellent command of the Lean methods and tools, is familiar with Lean principles and inspires others to participate in the improvement process. Within organisations  Lean Practitioners are the specialists who make organisations excel and enthusiastically transfer the Lean principles onto others.

    Lean Practitioner course

    The Lean Practitioner is a 3-day course, based on the international ISO18404  standard. This standard specifies in great detail what competencies are required for a certified Lean Practitioner.

    The Lean Practitioner course prepares you for a Lean project. You will learn all about how to apply the most important Lean principles and Lean improvement methods and tools in the field by using an extensive simulation.

    The most important subjects that will be covered are: the 8 types of waste, client value, Value Stream Mapping, flow, pull, 5S, Poka Yoke and improvement boards. On day 3 extensive attention will be paid to Lean project management and data analysis. In Lean-jargon this is called A3 management. An 8-step plan to improve a process.

    Successfully implementing change often depend on the way you have dealt with resistance. Therefore, this course will also cover change management topics. Where does resistance  come from? How can you recognise it? What is the best way to deal with it?

    After completing this course, you will constantly recognise opportunities for continuous improvement both in your work as your personal life.

    Lean Practitioner

    The Lean training for those who want to improve processes using Lean.

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    Practical information

    The Lean Practitioner course takes a practical approach to the Lean methodology. The course is made up 3 days of theory and a practical assignment. Your trainer will coach you during your practical assignment. More on the course dates can be found….

    In the Prospectus you will find more information about the course programme and the practical assignment.

    The Lean Practitioner course consists of two parts:

    Part 1: The 3-day course 

    During the course you will receive guidance in taking your first steps towards a world with less waste, faster service and less mistakes. The Lean Practitioner course prepares you for a  Lean project or initiative. You will learn how to apply the most important Lean management principles, Lean improvement methods and tools during an extensive simulation.

    Part 2: The practical assignment.

    After completing the theoretical course, you will  demonstrate how to put theory into practice during the practical assignment. During your practical assignment you will receive coaching from a trainer from The Lean Six Sigma Company.

    Once you have successfully completed your written exam and the practical assignment you will receive the Lean Practitioner certificate.

    Part 1 - Lean practitioner theory training

    – Lean philosophy, history and background 
    – Lean, Theory of Constraints and PDCA
    – The 5 principles of Womack
    – Value add and non-value add
    – The 7+1 kinds of waste 
    – Value stream mapping
    – Flow
    – Line balancing & Takt time 
    – Pull and Little’s law
    – Kanban
    – Dealing with resistance 
    – Poka Yoke
    – 5S en Visual Management
    – Kaizen (Kaikaku)
    – A3 management
    – 5 times Why
    – Creative tools
    – Team composition

    These days are set up around a simulation which runs as a leitmotiv throughout the course. The focus is on the techniques and the recognition of improvement potential.

    Part 2 - Lean practitioner practical assignment

    During the course you will be obliged to execute a practical assignment (A3). In the course catalogue you will find detailed information on what is expected of you in this area. 


    Theory : Lean Practitioner 3 day classroom theory course € 995,- + VAT

    Practice: 8 hours of individual coaching & certification € 700,- + VAT

    Pricing includes:

    • Classroom tutoring by a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt
    • Course materials (reference book, slide pack)
    • Exam (and 2 re-exams if required)
    • Certification
    • Pricing does include F&B.


    More than 8.000 people followed this training with success so far!

    16 January 2023, REMOTE via ZOOM / MS Teams

    16 January 2023|17 January 2023|18 January 2023

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    Lean Six Sigma in your company

    Although Lean Six Sigma is best known as a project-based improvement structure, it is much broader than that. Lean Six Sigma is an established philosophy, an organizational and improvement structure as well as a set of tools. Using this perspective Lean Six Sigma addresses organizational issues with respect to competitiveness, cost reduction, and customer satisfaction. 

    Depending on your ambition, Lean Six Sigma can be implemented in phases. Every organization is unique, without a common blueprint that universally applies. Together with you, The Lean Six Sigma Company will develop a plan of action tailored to your organization.

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